The aim is to educate students and health professionals to decipher therapeutic requests to
investigate the mental functions of patients with neurodegenerative diseases (memory
disorders, mood disorders, motor disorders, medical referrals, etc.), to conduct clinical
interviews to patients and caregivers, to select and administrate the appropriate
psychometric tests and the writing of results, with the aim of identifying mental deficits and
the clinical direction of the treating physicians. Finally, theoretical and practical clinical
knowledge will be acquired.


Upon completion of the training, the applicant will have all the required information on
current clinical practices in the field of clinical neuropsychology and neuroscience.

The following topics are suggested:

1. Neuropsychological syndromes, neurological diseases and neuropsychological tests
2. Neurological examination, neuropsychological evaluation and clinical interview
3. Diagnostic Criteria and Mental Tests for Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease
4. Evaluation of emotional and mental disorders
5. Training in the analysis of results and writing neuropsychological reports


*Upon numerous requests, the workshop will be held online and in person depending on the preference of the participants.

A *certificate of attendance will be issued by the certified Lifelong Learning Center of NGO IASIS.

* Since 2015, NGO  IASIS, has been certified as complete
Center for Psychosocial Education and Training – VET (ΚΕΔΙΒΙΜ 1) by the National
Qualifications and Vocational Guidance Certification Organization (ΕΟΠΠΕΠ)
(License code 2100625).

Duration: 90 minutes for 5 sessions, total training 450 minutes

Total cost: 120 €

* -20% discount  for early bird, unemployed, students, disabled