Soft Skills in workplace


For the human species evolution means survival. In order for someone to survive in a business environment where competition is necessary, continuous evolution is needed. A person's career development depends on a variety of factors. The most important of these are the abilities a person must possess. These vary depending on the context and the type of work. Hard and soft skills are necessary when it comes to the job sector. But what are hard and soft skills? "Hard skills" are related to all the technical and encyclopedic knowledge of a person in order to use them to perform a [...]

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Gamification: what is it and how does it work?


The variety of learning methods is remarkable. In addition to the classical teaching approach that has been around for a long time in the school context, there are now many tools that someone can use to gain knowledge in different sectors. The authority of a book has been largely replaced by technology. Τhis change is very beneficial , as mobile, laptops and tablets offer the potential for great flexibility in the cognitive range someone may be interested in. However, the reader cannot always learn deeply about an issue, even if he read it from a book or from a tablet [...]

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