Anastasia Paradisi
Trainer / Psychologist

Anastasia Paradisi is a graduate of the Department of Psychology of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, with a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Positive Psychology. She also specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). In addition, she has attended numerous seminars related to Parent and Child Psychology. She has previously worked as an adult trainer at the Evdokimos Seminar Group with the object of organizing and prosecutioning of educational seminars on self-knowledge and personal development. At the same time, she worked as an adult educator in seminars for adults and children with the aim of strengthening teamwork, organized by ActionAid Hellas. She has also organized seminars for cancer caregivers in order to help them gain Mental Resilience. She works as a Psychologist of the “Community Psychiatric Home Care” service of IASIS NGO, where she carries out sessions for people with psychiatric disorders as well as the people around them and their caregivers. She also writes articles for IASIS NGO webpage as well as for the website.

Some of her skills are:

💡 Empathy

💡 Communication Skills

💡 Team spirit

💡 Adaptability

“Edify team started to work on experiential learning theory with European Commission’s Education & Culture programs as trainers and leaders. Its network working actively with its members settled in different countries of Europe for enhancing the experiential learning methodology in the formal and non-formal education field.”

P. Dimitrakopoulou 18


Ano Patissia, Athens

[email protected]

+30 2182182815

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