The Explore yourself and others team is a self-knowledge group that aims to be a safe and
warm place for sharing, communication, interaction and contact between participants.

The purpose of the group is that the participants:

➢ Become more aware of unknown parts of themselves,
➢ Learn to communicate and express their thoughts and feelings in a verbal and non-verbal
➢ Learn to process and solve problematic situations in their lives,
➢ Share and interact with others,
➢ Learn to resolve their internal conflicts and deadlocks,
➢ Learn to accept themselves and others,
➢ Experience a better relationship with themselves and more harmonious relationships with
others and their lives in general.

The content of the meetings will be based on Person-Centered directions and specifically on
the meeting groups of Carl Rogers. In addition, the utilization of art and expressive arts in the
group process will be used.


• Self-discovery / self-awareness
• Expression of emotion and thought / discharge
• Solve / process difficulties and problems
• Group interaction and communication / collaboration
• Development of life skills
• Enhancing self-awareness and self-esteem


*certificate of attendance will be issued by the certified Lifelong Learning Center of NGO IASIS.

* Since 2015, NGO IASIS, has been certified as complete
Center for Psychosocial Education and Training – VET (ΚΕΔΙΒΙΜ 1) by the National
Qualifications and Vocational Guidance Certification Organization (ΕΟΠΠΕΠ)
(License code 2100625).

Duration: 3 months 1.5 hours per week (with the possibility of extension for one year)

Capacity: 10-12 people

Cost: 50 € / month

Total: 150 €


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