The investigation of the purpose and the way of creating relationships functions as the self-
discovery mechanism and the verification of all the life scenarios (personal, professional) that
the person follows in his course.


Participants in this experiential workshop will have the opportunity to shed more light on the
mechanisms that determine their relationship with themselves, others and their wider
environment. In addition, they will be able to strengthen their communication skills and
improve the way they “relate”, that is, the way in which they enter into relationships.
Exploring the potential of the group, cultivating empathy and active listening give a complete
picture of the way and the purpose of “relating”. The dynamics of the team determines the
specialized methodology of each meeting. The Workshop is completely experiential.


*certificate of attendance will be issued by the certified Lifelong Learning Center of NGO IASIS.

* Since 2015, NGO IASIS, has been certified as complete
Center for Psychosocial Education and Training – VET (ΚΕΔΙΒΙΜ 1) by the National
Qualifications and Vocational Guidance Certification Organization (ΕΟΠΠΕΠ)
(License code 2100625).

Duration: 2 Academic Semesters (adjustments can be made)

Date and time: 3 three-hour meetings per month.

Cost: 170 EUR/ month

Group registrations are rewarded with a discount!


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