About us

Who we are?

Edify team has been started to work on experiential learning theory with European Commission’s Education & Culture programs. They have taken part in these programs as trainers and leaders. Its network working actively with its members settled in different countries of Europe for enhancing the experiential learning methodology in the formal and non-formal education field.

Who can we edify?

  • We uplift companies to boost their teams’ productivity through increasing their motivation, engagement and necessary skills inside interactive trainings where they are learning by doing and having fun.

  • We train leaders to overcome burnouts in their teams by increasing their teams’ motivation through effective and interactive trainings in a fun environment.

  • We coach company managers to increase their employees’ wellbeing and coexistence by providing interactive trainings so they can maximize employee engagement.
  • We organize Emotional Development Programs for Kids and Teenagers help participating students to get in touch with their emotions to realize their needs and express themselves freely and creatively

How do we edify?

  • We focus on your needs and expectations while designing the program.

  • We give importance your engagement of learning outcomes with real life.

  • We know that you should have fun for the highest motivation and concentration for optimum learning.

  • We are sure that the gains that you get will be a sustainable impact on your learning period and you will be curious to learn more.

  • P. Dimitrakopoulou 18, Athens, Greece

  • +30 2182182815