The variety of learning methods is remarkable. In addition to the classical teaching approach that has been around for a long time in the school context, there are now many tools that someone can use to gain knowledge in different sectors. The authority of a book has been largely replaced by technology.

Τhis change is very beneficial , as mobile, laptops and tablets offer the potential for great flexibility in the cognitive range someone may be interested in. However, the reader cannot always learn deeply about an issue, even if he read it from a book or from a tablet or a laptop. For example, you can find many articles and books about teamwork, but simply by getting the information, you will never experience how someone feels through a team environment. It is something that one has to experience, in order to understand it. Here comes the need for gamification, in other words the need of learning through play.

Initially this method was only for children, which could understand the importance of team spirit, cooperation and the effectiveness of teamwork, through group activities. It is now realized that play is a powerful learning tool even for adults. Playing consists of experiential content exercises, where you “play and learn” simultaneously, simulating a situation that could occur on a daily basis, while the participant invites to explore possible solutions to this situation through play. With this technique, the participant experiences a difficult situation in a safe environment and gains at the safe time experience and entertaining. When we play, the information is more faithfully captured in the brain.

Combining all the above factors, we understand that play is a powerful learning tool that works very effectively also in the work environment. Executives are coming together as a team, learning to manage not only their time but also other problems that exist in the work place. Through Gamification they can even learn how to be more effective in communicating between another, but also with their employees, their customers and partners . Experiencing this process has a very deep and intense teaching content. With gamification, learning becomes a game and the game becomes the learning process.