Nikos Petikas
(ACC), Life & Business Coach/NLP Master Practitioner/Trainer

Nikos Petikas is certified and accredited (ACC), Life & Business Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, και Trainer.

He is passionate to create positive experiential experiences and light the positive sides of people empowering them το reach their full potential and fulfill their dreams.

He has more than 10 certifications from recognized organizations and 1 personal accreditation from International Coach Federation (ICF). In his seminars and personal sessions he combines the knowledge from his professional journey in the largest multinational companies, Life Coaching, NLP, Neuroscience and Attachment, customizing them to the needs of the people he trains.

He is also certified trainer for parents and creator of the volunteering team 1000smiles (Χείλια Χαμόγελα), an organization that promotes the positive communication through experiential games and workshops.