Aim & Vision


  • To maximize each learning experience according to each team and participant

  • To help each participant to develop lifelong-lasting skills and habits

  • To create a positive team culture so that participants (but also trainers) can learn from each other

  • To create corporate trainings, experiential workshops and innovative ways of learning

  • To offer a learning environment full of possibilities, chances and motivation

  • To cultivate a philosophy focused on self-enhancement and teamwork, equally


Our vision is to educate businesses, organizations and individuals that want to increase their leadership skills, personal skills, well-being and their awareness about social issues, having at our disposal a network of trainers from different backgrounds, but always approaching learning experientially and innovatively. Moreover, by developing a safe and innovative learning environment for participants, we want to give them the opportunity to interact, collaborate and build all together learning paths that correspond to their needs. Through all these educational workshops, we contribute to our society’s needs by supporting vulnerable groups, giving a percentage of our income to Iasis NGO for psychosocial support services.