Program Logistics

Due to the unique character of each workshop, the price is determined by a number of criteria, including the number of hours, workshop content, location, and level of competence. All of this is resolved following a meeting between the corporation and the Edify Centre.

If more hours of learning experience are required or a bigger number of participants are assembled, a discount is granted.

Edify Centre’s mission is to educate anyone who is interested. As a result, each workshop adapts, either by training a group as a whole or by breaking it up into smaller groups.

Yes, of course! The members of Edify Centre are willing to give a presentation to any company interested in learning more about the Training Centre’s workshops and discussing the prospect of collaborating.

Virtual Training

Because of the experiential nature of it’s workshops, Edify Centre believes in the power of face-to-face communication. It is, however, adaptable under challenging situations. As a result, it may create virtual workshops to teach individuals in rural locations from the comfort of their own homes.

The Edify Centre’s workshops are designed so that trainers can speak and interact with participants. To accomplish this, it employs a variety of digital tools to encourage participants to become more involved in the process.

About Edify Centre

Experiential learning is a dynamic process in which someone can study, practice, and apply what he/she had learned. Interactive tools, group discussions and activities, as well as role-playing games, are all included.

• Interactive workshops where participants can learn by doing.

• Provide effective and engaging training in a pleasant setting to increase employee motivation, devotion, and necessary abilities.

• Coach business owners to improve their employees’ prosperity and cohabitation through workshops that maximize their commitment.

• Share knowledge that will have a long-term impact on everyone’s learning period and stimulate their desire in learning more.

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