The mission of the Edify Centre is to educate businesses, organizations, and individuals who  wish to widen their horizons, improve their personal skills, well-being, and social consciousness.

It works with a diverse group of trainers from various backgrounds, all of whom take an experiential and unique approach to learning.

It hopes to give participants the ability to connect, participate, and trace all of the learning “paths” that match their needs, as well as cross them, through the numerous educational programs.

Simultaneously, it aids vulnerable groups and NGO IASIS beneficiaries within the framework of strengthening the vulnerability from which it arose.


  • Personalized training based on the needs of each team and person

  • Developing a positive attitude toward education

  • Adult citizens’ adaptation to the cognitive demands of a constantly changing socioeconomic environment

  • Promotion of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning Principles

  • Reinforcement of labor market access, as well as maintaining employment or career advancement

  • Improvements in the educational, working, and social conditions of the population’s most vulnerable social groupings

  • Increasing access to education for all

  • Active citizenship development

  • P. Dimitrakopoulou 18, Athens, Greece

  • +30 2182182815

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