Anxiety, stress, and situations in which the individual is called to cope with difficult conditions
rule everyday life in modern society to a substantial degree. Human relationships are put to
the test on a personal and professional level as doubt, questioning, enforcement, and
competition reign supreme.

In this context, and in order to contribute to this trend, the Edify Centre has added
psychological support to its “arsenal” of services for anyone who requires assistance in this

Individual and group counseling, individual and group psychotherapy, psychoeducation, and,
of course, supervision are the pillars around which this service will be built. This is a full service
cycle in which, on the one hand, the best possible response to each occurrence is ensured,
and on the other hand, the best possible treatment of each issue is achieved.

The scientific members of Edify Centre have all of the qualifications that make the service
provided, top notch, due to many years of knowledge and a plethora of successful treatment
and resolution of all types of cases.

  • P. Dimitrakopoulou 18, Athens, Greece

  • +30 2182182815

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