Ioanna Alperti

Psychologist – Trainer

  • BSc in Psychology (Panteion University of Athens) and Specialization in clinical Psychopathology (Eginition Hospital Medical School of Athens)

  • Specialization in integrative counselling/psychotherapy (CBT and Client Centered Approach-Synthetic model) and in patient-centered approach in hospital treatment

  • She has been working since 2008 at IASIS NGO as a Psychologist at the Boarding House, working with people with mental disabilities and psychosocial difficulties

  • Manager of semi-autonomous department for patients with psychosocial problems and a leader coordinator at the Day Center-Mental Health Unit since 2019

  • Qualified adult educator, creating psycho-educational seminars for adults, teens and kids and she works as a psychologist as well as a trainer

  • Involved in the clinical training and supervision of Psychology students and she also has a strong background in non-formal education

  • She is experienced with designing and leading Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Programs, both key action 1 and 2 and her education is involved with lifelong learning training courses