“Experiential Workshops”: The aim is to develop the cooperation among the members and to create a safe, non-critical environment. Role-playing games (roleplay), thought logs, and brainstorming are used to enhance the experiential experience and disengage the group.

Κinesiology exercises are used to activate the members as well as breathing exercises for relaxation and discharging.


“Moral Dilemmas Workshop”: The members discuss small stories where the main character is called upon to make a decision. Participants practice a structured decision-making process by exploring the choices of the central character of the dilemma, taking into account the values and consequences of various behaviors. Dilemmas are related to moral values and members contemplate their personal values and prejudices that motivate them to act. Finally, in a non-critical environment, the results of their actions are appraised and they learn to make decisions in a methodical and structured manner.


During the workshop, we work on dilemmas stories and team members explore the choices the central character has, reflecting on the values ​​and consequences of various behaviors. The purpose of the workshop is to educate participants in using the tool of ethical dilemmas, which aims at learning decision-making strategies. The goals are to cultivate their social and cognitive skills, such as problem solving, assertiveness, goal setting, reducing impulsivity and taking responsibility. At the same time, experiential activities are used with the aim of strengthening and relieving the group, as well as the development of interpersonal skills. Participants practice a structured way of making decisions based on ethical principles. The content of the workshop consists of the stories of moral dilemmas and the experiential part which consists of theory and experiential/interactive exercises of modules such as communication, self-image, emotional therapy, conflict management, etc.


Skills Development

The workshop aims to develop the following skills:

  • Strengthening negotiation skills
  • Recognition and management of emotions
  • Conflict management and problem solving
  • Decision-making


Coordinators: Elisavet Tsiouri, Evangelia Kostara, Nassia Agriogianni

Workshop Duration: 15 hours

Date and time: Once a week (Monday or Wednesday) evening hours

Cost: 200€


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