At the end of the program, participants should be provided with applicable techniques and
practices that will lead them to their professional success through personal balance and inner


Section 1:

❖ Professionalism through my value system (Credibility) (duration 50 ‘+ 20’ exercise)

➢ Introduction
➢ The value and the value system – workshop
➢ What makes me trustworthy
➢ How can I use it in the market
➢ What harms my credibility – Dangers

In this section we will connect our personal values and principles with our professional

Section 2:

❖ Proper professional targeting – Vision (duration 50 ‘+ 30’ exercise)

➢ Vision: definition – utilization
➢ Target selection criteria
➢ The Theory of target setting
▪ GRO GROW – SMART – workshop system
➢ What means are appropriate to achieve the goal

In this section we will learn the most famous targeting methods and how to use them.

Section 3:

❖ The value and creation of Recommendation Networks (duration 50 ‘+ 20’ exercise)

➢ What does a professional network consist of
➢ How can I create a referral network
➢ How can I leverage a network of referrals
➢ How to maintain a network

In this section we will understand the concept of the Network and its great importance as a
field of development of our clientele.

Section 4:

❖ Recommendations – cultivation and efficiency (duration 50 ‘+ 30’ exercise)

⮚ What is a professional recommendation
➢ Ways to create an effective recommendation
⮚ Recommendation from strategic contacts
➢ Active and “passive” recommendations
➢ Interactive workshop between the participants

In this section we will analyze the meaning of the Recommendation, the way we can cultivate
them and how we can methodically develop our work through this method.

Section 5:

Marketing through recommendations – visibility techniques (duration 50 ‘+ 40’ exercise)

➢ Definition of marketing through recommendations
➢ Definition of visibility
➢ Ways of achievement
➢ Ideal Customer
➢ What we need to avoid
➢ Presentation structure – laboratory (interaction between participants)

In this section we will analyze the concept of our professional visibility, the identification of
the ideal customer and how we will present ourselves or our business.

Section 6:

❖ The ability to communicate in the workplace (duration 50 ‘+ 20’ exercise)

➢ The value of communication in business
➢ Communication tools – Examples to avoid
➢ Types of communication
• Internal →Supervisor
• Internal → Subordinate
• Internal →Between equals
• External

In this section we will discuss the benefits of communication inside and outside our workplace.
We will approach communication as a skill and we will analyze ways of improvement and

Section 7:

❖ Complete approach (duration 50 ‘+ 30’ exercise)

➢ Prosperity and Spirituality
➢ Self-knowledge / Personal values / principles / virtues
▪ Workshop – Individual Assessment (self-assessment)
⮚ The Confirmed Personality
⮚ Happiness and Success
⮚ Laws of Life
▪ The Law of Circles
. The Law of Cause and Effect
▪ The Law of Attraction
▪ The Law of Tithing
⮚ The Philosophical filter

In this section we will move away from the purely professional approach of success and
analyze personal Happiness and the laws that govern and influence it.


*certificate of attendance will be issued by the certified Lifelong Learning Center of NGO IASIS.

* Since 2015, NGO IASIS, has been certified as complete
Center for Psychosocial Education and Training – VET (ΚΕΔΙΒΙΜ 1) by the National
Qualifications and Vocational Guidance Certification Organization (ΕΟΠΠΕΠ)
(License code 2100625).

Duration: 10-12 hours

Total cost: 300 €

* Discount 50 €, for early bird, unemployed, students, disabled